Game Design

Kaiju Apocalypse AR

Sheldons Quest Mobile Puzzle Game Design

Unity Junkyard Clicker Game

Unity Rube Goldberg Machine

My Unity Rube Goldberg from Andrew Barnes on Vimeo.

3D & Level Design

Maya 3D

I modeled and textured the Jack Burton SF Chinatown scene in Maya. For my latest level design I had a bunch of pictures of the Aid Station I worked at in Afghanistan, so I decided to try and make it a game level. I modeled the building in Sketchup and then brought the 3D over to Hammer in the Source Engine. I then textured it from some photos I had of the Aid Station. I also added the navigation mesh and entities for Left for Dead 2 and now have zombies attacking the Aid Station.

Level Design

My Latest Web Design

  • Perfetto Luxury Interiors
  • Jay's Detail
  • Colorado Glass Tinting
  • Architectural Window Film
  • All Season Window Tinting
  • Geoshield Window Film
  • Tint Factory
  • Precision Glass Tint
  • Michigan Glass Coatings
  • Recovery Center Network

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Featured – My Evil Dead II Trailer

My Evil Dead II Trailer from Andrew Barnes on Vimeo.

TV trailer of Evil Dead 2 I did for a class. I made the project with Nuke, Cinema 4D, Maya, Photoshop and After Effects. The blood drip and splatters are practical effects using paint. I also did a 3D camera track in nuke on the original footage to get a better shot of the shaky demon cam towards the cabin. Then I brought the camera into Maya and used trees and cabin models to get a better shot that I liked. The Starz logo and the chainsaw were done in Cinema 4D.

Leftovers Title Sequence

Leftovers Title Sequence from Andrew Barnes on Vimeo.

Title sequence I did in Maya and After Effects. The whole title sequence design, storyboards and animation were made by me. View my storyboards for the project.

Animatic – Beer Commerial

Animatic for Sex Panther Beer Commerial from Andrew Barnes on Vimeo.

An animatic I did for my storyboarding class. I used Maya and After Effects. I got the music off a youtube video.

When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide from Andrew Barnes on Vimeo.

When Worlds Collide… is my final project from 3 classes. Motion Graphics class for the title sequences. Compositing and Video Production class for the green screening of myself in the old movie scene at the end. Also Video Production class for miniature model shot at the very end. The music was composed by me on the MPC Studio. I used a combination of Maya, Photoshop, Nuke, After Effects and MPC Software.

Super Nova

Super Nova from Andrew Barnes on Vimeo.

My first After Effects project for my Motion Graphics class… rough title sequence idea for a short story I have. I made the music on my MPC Studio. Programs I used were Photoshop, After Effects, Maya and MPC software.