My Masters Thesis Project

Super Nova - a VR Rhythm Game

Super Nova is my LCAD thesis game and a USC AGP 2017-18 Game.

Super Nova is a story-driven VR rhythm game inspired by PaRappa the Rapper. The game not only aims to stir nostalgia within old fans, but also allow non-traditional rhythm game fans to enjoy the genre.

Why did I spell the game Super Nova and not Supernova? Well, that’s because the player will play J. Solomon, a normal, everyday marketing specialist being chased by an evil sentient being in the form of a Super Sport (SS) ‘69 Chevy Nova. The gameplay aims to take the player through a chaotic musical landscape with a sense of paranoia and dream-like states—always having to look over your shoulder because the Chevy Nova villain wants to kill you with their evil music.

The game demo (AKA the tutorial level) for Super Nova features a Hip-Hop rap battle level with two play modes. The first mode consists of the player blocking incoming notes materializing from the non-playable characters (NPC) mad rap skills. The second mode, which is meant to be the spiritual successor to PaRappa the Rapper, has the player playing a “Note Highway” with their hands in VR. This note highway interface fits lyrics, percussion sounds, and guitar/keyboard sounds into the song. The last verse will feature a boss mode where the player must rap battle the Chevy Nova.

Super Nova received the Third Place Award from the IEEE Intercollegiate Computer Game Showcase

Check out the demo video here:

Featured Level Design

Super Nova - City Block and VR UI Design

My Thesis roles to date: Lead Designer, Lead Producer, Level Design, Task Management, Rules/Mechanics, GDD, Concept, Narrative, UI/UX, Modeling, Texturing, Prototyping C#, Music, Vocals, Website.

I had a lot of fun creating the UI and the Unity Level Design. Actually, the greatest part was watching people play the game at the USC Showcase.

VR UI Design